Pam's Pet Grooming
(912)264-5080                              Brunswick, GA
Pam's Pet Grooming

My name is Pam Marshall and I started grooming at the age of 15. I received my business
license in 1994 and worked out of
my home in Touchstone. I have
recently moved to a new location in
Glen Meadows off of 341 and I'm ready to continue doing the thing I love: providing quality cuts and styles to your cherished little ones.

If you have any questions feel free to call or send us an email.

Have your pet pampered by a pet groomer who has been honing her skills since 1976!
Located in Glen Meadows near Winn-Dixie off 341 (see map below for more details)
2 year-old blue heeler needs a new home!
Happiest in wide open spaces, Australian Cattle Dogs are very high-energy dogs and extremely intelligent, so they need a job, such as herding, obedience or agility, to keep them happy. While wary of strangers, the breed bonds closely to its family. Their smooth, short coat requires only occasional baths and brushing. 
Contact me if you're looking for a bright new family member!